English thoughts, ganduri

Reality. Are you real? Am I?

We all live in the same world but see it totally different. I am one person, but different for everyone that interacts with me. The world has the color of our glasses. So, in this case, I ask you: what is reality?

Is it defined by our own limits? Are we able to see further? Do we want to do that? Because…let’s face it, sometimes it can be really messy. And cleaning-up is not the favorite activity….for me at least. 🙂

Is it defined by personal experiences? If so, doesn’t it mean that we shape the reality in a way that it makes sense to us? Because…how could we understand something in a language we don’t know?

Is it defined by personal beliefs? This is also known as the power of thoughts and I can tell you for sure that they really are powerful.

If the answer is YES for all these questions, what is real anymore? And…how sure are you of your reality? Because mine is changing faster and faster lately and it makes me wonder…

Today my reality is Bucharest, 1 room apartment, 40 minutes of driving to my parents almost every weekend, skype, writing, tired, friends, lists, YOU…. Last year it was a different place, a different guy, different friends… Starting July my new reality is going to be Toulouse, a new house, a new job, new friends and a new family. How do you think my reality from today is going to look then? Is it still going to be real?

And, since I absolutely love to write about LOVE… I met my soul mate last year. Until June 2013 he was not real to me. He became somehow real with a message, then more and more with our conversations, until….these days he is the most real person in my life. I just hope from the bottom of my heart that he is going to be my reality tomorrow, too….and all the days that will follow. Can I control that? Nope. Can I control the way I see that? Maybe. Is this someone else’s reality? I doubt.

They say that we are only able to see what we already know. Maybe this is why I am not able to see atoms and molecules? I’m kidding…. But you’ve got the idea. We might be looking in the same direction and see totally different things (or nothings). And this is because we have different knowledge. But even if we would not, we have different beliefs and a different translating program installed.

So…I ask you…how real are the difficulties from today if you look at them from tomorrow? Is it worth to worry so much for something that might not even be real?

If I would be walking in the street, would I see you? Are you real to me? Let’s say not (for the sake of the article)…would it matter to me that you are “fat”….or bald….or short….? Nope, it will not! Because you are not real to me….nor to most of the people that will cross your way in a day. So….why do you worry so much? And…how real are you to yourself when you look in the mirror? Or you still don’t know what beautiful looks like and you are not yet able to see yourself?

And…how real am I to you (excluding my articles)? So…why do you care what I think about you? If I even do it… because I don’t see you, remember?

So…what is real?


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