Cu inima, English thoughts

Because of you!

…I am now the happiest woman ever! And I feel loved each and every second! And cherished, and appreciated for who and how I am! And encouraged to be a better me every day!

I feel so lucky and happy that using words would not be enough to express it. And I finally feel like I am complete. I am not just a half anymore and I love it! Maybe this is why I am smiling all the time…even in my sleep…and people tell me that I have my head in the clouds… As if I care! It feels so damn good up here, in the clouds!

And this is only possible because of you! One day I asked myself who am I looking for. The list of qualities, characteristics and “to avoid” was so long, that I’ve written them all in a list. And then I met you….even now it seems like you are the result of my wishes…of my dreams…of my desires… The warmest smile ever, the cutest eyes, the most human possible, smart, funny and incredibly sexy! You make me the happiest woman, Olivier Pillaud-Tirard! And for this I love you! I love you in a way that I was only dreaming it could be possible, but never tried it before. I love your way of doing things slowly, I love how you take every person as they are, the pictures you take, how you help anybody who might ask for your help, the tarts you make, how you caress me, how you make me want to be better and how we discover ourselves every day more.

I can’t wait to have your smile as the first image I see every morning, to feel your lips on my forehead every night before falling asleep, to share all the goods and bads with you, to have little Oliviers one day and to enjoy eachother every second! Only 2 weeks and 2 days left until we will be able to start all of these! And I am counting every one of them. 🙂

Happy birthday, my love! I am so thankful for being in your life and sharing all these wonderful moments with you! The balloons, the cakes, the candle, the movie, the friends, the wind, the sun, the laughs… And this is only the begining of a wonderful story, as it has never been written before: the story of you and me!

I love you, precious man of my life! Thank you for being!



I’ve told you he is sexy! 🙂

The red ribbon is on purpose 🙂



Ofcourse there is a song! 🙂


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