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How my life changed

It was quite simple….with a couch request 🙂 (just click on the image to see the clear messages)






Obviously, I have slightly changed my reply in the meantime and offered to show him the city. This is how we met…in the city center, after work. 2 hours later and a lot of sweating while walking we decided to stop for a beer. And that was that! Nothing has been the same ever since. I could not be happier for that!

Today it is 1 year since that happy accident from our lives: him left without accommodation, me trying to become a tour guide…. Talk about being in the right place, at the right time!

What is even more interesting, is that it didn’t take us long to realize that we don’t need to search anymore, as we have finally met. We felt so good together, and so complete when sitting on the same couch in the pub, talking and laughing. We had no idea how right we were… And we simply remained like that: great together, happy, in love and soon also in the same place, in the same time 🙂 Now I am grateful for not giving up the hope of meeting you one day, wonderful man with the warmest hug that my body has ever felt and with the most beautiful smile coming from the heart.

I just love when happenings….happen…

P.S.: it was your sexy french accent and those big eyes that got me


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