Cu inima, English thoughts

You amaze me every time!

I was on my way to the interview, still with 20 minutes to spend, so I reduced my speed and I enjoyed the view. Ofcourse that I have shared it with him, as there was a great little house, with a large yard and a lot of green trees. Then I saw the message he sent to me in the morning and I had my eyes wet all over again.

After I was left alone in the house, finishing the preparations to go to the interview, I received a message:

I just noticed that today it’s 3 weeks that we are together here! 3 weeks and so many achievements, so many improvements! Because of you, because of us!! Because of the wonderful sunshine you are, day by day! I just wanted to tell it to you and to send you thousands of kisses because I didn’t kiss you enough this morning 😀

Sobbing…I was only able to type: You made my eyes wet… I love you! (and they say I am writing articles…nice ones!!)

I feel beyound lucky… and yes, I HAD to share this with you (some of you might get inspired 😉 )


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