English thoughts, Prieteni

In search of a friend

I mean it! In the serious way! I will even organize a competition if there are too many candidates. I will even bake some muffins, as I really miss doing that. So, are you in?

You will qualify if there are some conditions accomplished (they are cumulative):
– you are not an old friend of Olivier; I am selfish enough to wish for my own friends
– there is no limit of age, but there is one for the brain functionalities – I want a person who can be silly if the mood is there but who can also be serious when needed, with good, reasonable advices when I am asking for some and all the time with some good jokes in the pockets
– you don’t mind sharing the shoulders for some tears from time to time (woman….hormones….)
– you are straight forward in saying what you think and don’t mind me doing the same
– you are a little curious, a little crazy and a little childish, always prepared to conquer the world
– you live in Toulouse or close enough to be able to meet quite often for coffees, drinks, sunbaths or anything else we might enjoy
– you get along well with other persons (strangers or not) and can cope with any different situations
– you speak one of the following languages: Romanian, English, French or German; if not, you are damn good at sign communication and you make a very good home-made icecream

In return I offer my 2 arms, which are stronger as they look when it comes to hugging a crying heart or a happy smile. I also have a great sense of humor, some say I am quite smart, I have fashion adviser skills, I can listen to your problems/ thoughts/ hopes without judging, as I also don’t like that. Oh, and I cook really well! Also, I laugh a lot, I don’t drink much, and I don’t make a mess around me when I eat – the perfect guest.

These being said, I am waiting for candidatures. If you know someone fit for the job, please feel free to forward the article. There is no expiration date to the offer, as I have enough hugs for all. As long as you have a warm heart and a sharp brain, let’s talk!

One last mention, to be sure I am totally clear: I am looking for a best friend. My heart is already given to the greatest man ever, so not interested in other kind of proposals. I am looking for a person who would share good and bad, cakes and icecreams, thoughts, fears and dreams.

I already have good friends and I love them all from the bottom of my heart. But they are far away now and, as often as we would talk, I miss the physical presence, the hugs, the laughter with real tears, the long walks in the city and all the other activities where you need the body, too….not just the voice.

For those of you shy enough to comment under the article, you can also contact me at Octavia.ivan@gmail.com. Can’t wait to meet you all!



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