English thoughts, ganduri

What’s it gonna be?

A friend wished me happy birthday, just because she wanted to do that 1 month in advance. Don’t really understand why, but thank you! Also the Peacemaker asked me what I would want for my birthday. And then in hit me: I have less than 1 month left to see what I could wish for my birthday!!! So many things and so little time!

As usually, I started to get in the mood about 1 month in advance. Thinking about how it is going to be, who am I going to share it with, what to prepare, what to wear…what presents to receive (hey, I can at least dream, no?)… For those of you not knowing all the details yet, we have just 25 days left until I will become even smarter than I am now. 😀

So….I have a short list of things that could be nicely wrapped in happy paper and decorated with a bow. Here it is:

  • A card with money to spend on dresses and shoes
  • A baby; yet again, I am wishing for this since forever and I still don’t feel prepared for it. So, maybe next year 🙂
  • Thicker hair – got that, hair fairy?
  • A nice job, the beginning in my quest for the job of my dreams
  • A best friend in Toulouse, permanent residency
  • A magic stick to make the house sparkling in one twist
  • Dancing lessons
  • Piano lessons
  • A unique neckless, beautiful, sophisticate and delicate like me
  • A small and cute watch, which will never brake
  • A house of our own, on top of a nice building, in a nice area, with a huge terrace
  • A small eco car
  • Painting lessons, followed by an exhibition of my work
  • A trip to somewhere sunny at the beach, with all expenses paid for 2
  • More energy and better health
  • Perfect French knowledge implanted in my head
  • A bike
  • The certitude that I will have you in my life for a very very very very long period of time
  • The inspiration to write a book (although there is enough material…)
  • A BIG mirror with a box behind it, to finally be able to see myself entirely before deciding what jewelries to pick (I kind of have no idea anymore how I look from head to toes)
  • Great experiences with great people, followed by great memories
  • A dog for the big terrace and for the baby
  • A small garden for the same terrace and a reading corner
  • A trip to a spa center, for a treatment from head to toes
  • Longer evenings and weekends, to enjoy you more

Surprisingly, this is everything that I could think of. Which is good, as it means that I already have a lot from what I wished for. And this makes me happy!

So don’t worry, there is enough for everybody! Just say your name, choose one item from the list and make it come true. Not so difficult, is it? I am kind enough and I will let you the entire year to work on it.

Or…maybe you could send me a postcard instead. Or a letter with pictures inside, and memories to keep. Or some bors, and zacusca, and malai, and leustean, and seminte de floarea soarelui, and eugenii, and ceai de menta… You just need to ask and I will give you the destination address. 😉

And, since I am talking about birthdays and celebrations and presents and life… why do people suicide? It’s not a judgmental question, as I have no right to do so. I am just curios, as I consider life too beautiful to want to make it shorter.


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