English thoughts

Like a girl

Somehow this video arrived under the arrow of my mouse, so I’ve clicked it. And the message reached me. Not only because I am, too, a girl, but also because it is a subject I am more and more preoccupied about.

I have always been interested in any subject related to kids. So I’ve learned a lot and applied most of them. I am now working with 3 kids of 5 and 2 years. I am applying with them all that I’ve learned and I can see the results. I am also learning new things every day, as this is one of the many gifts kids offer to us, the grown-ups. All the time, though, I am arriving to the same conclusion: they do not know/ understand/ care about the girls – boys delimitation. They are curious about themselves, about the world and about everything around them. But they do not explore all of these different, based on their gender. They do it all the same. And they request/ expect equal treatment. And we fail to offer it to them. Because for us bleu is for boys, dolls are for girls, football is for boys, ballet is for girls….you’ve got the point. We start limiting their choices and we do it early, so they get the idea as fast as possible. This way the adult boy will not even consider wearing a pink shirt or cry and the adult girl will stay away from joining the football team. Of course we do this because we love them, right?

Wrong! We do this because we’ve also learned it from our parents. Because society is telling us the same. Because we don’t ask them what THEY want.

So they grow into adults. And follow the rules they’ve learned. And they teach them further. And they forget to ask themselves what they really want. Because if they would, they would probably do it all different.

I’m playing with these 3 kids and I watch the little boy cooking dough or playing with a doll and the little girl playing with cars or teaching the boy how to swing. I am happy to see them feeling equal. I am hoping it will last.

Why do man need to be strong and keep their emotions for themselves? They have so many to express if we only listen! Why do girls have to suck at playing football or fixing cars? We are strong but we simply don’t show that. We can all do everything, but we let our gender decide instead. And the society, of course!

He cries like a girl, and runs like a girl, and kicks like a girl; she walks like a man, and smokes like a man, and swears like a man. SO WHAT?!


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