English thoughts

Since I don’t have a job…

It’s been almost half a year since I first started to ask myself in a serious manner what kind of job/ activity would make my days different. I asked around some people that are already happy with what they are doing, I made lists with my skills and competences, I even made various attempts of business plans. Nothing! Half an year later I still don’t know what is that I would LOVE to do.

As the answer is not coming so easy to my mind, I started to try out various activities. I’ve been a tourist guide and I’ve liked it; I’ve been a fashion adviser and I’ve also liked it; I’ve been a kind of adviser for people needing to talk and I’ve also liked it; I’ve been part of a team which organized an event and, again, I’ve liked it. I’m writing articles and painting, making jewelries and cooking. I love them all! But none of them is bringing me any money today. And that is only because people don’t know about them (my skills I mean). So…here it is! I’m making them known!

You, your friends of colleagues….even some of your enemies (just saying, as I know you don’t have enemies) need at least one of my skills. So…you need them, I have them….let’s work together!

Tourist guide – are your friends and family coming to visit and they would love a tour of the city but you don’t have nor the time or the willing to do that? Call me! Are some of your associates or co-workers coming in a business trip and you need someone to entertain them for the evening/ weekend? Call me!

Fashion adviser – you feel that your closes are not really representing who you really are but you don’t have the time to study the shops? Or maybe you don’t really like it….or you miss the inspiration? Call me!

Cook – I bake bread, tarts, biscuits and muffins. I also prepare the creams to go with the bread. I make delicious and original salads. You need some for your lunch/ dinner/ apero and you have no time to prepare them? Call me!

Event planner –  I am talking here about small events, like a family picnic, your kid’s birthday or an apero evening. You really want to see your friends but you have no time to prepare the encounter? You want to throw a surprise birthday party and you don’t want to make all the calls and do all the preparing? Call me!

Hand crafter – I am painting, making jewelries, gift boxes and cards. You want to offer an original gift and you have no idea? Call me!

Interior designer – I have taken care of the small details in my parents house. People liked the results. Few years later I have bought my apartment and totally remade it. People love the results. So, if you feel the need to give a fresh new look (even with the old furniture and objects) to your home, or you are moving and lacking the inspiration for decorating the empty house, call me!

A support shoulder when needed sometimes we feel the need to talk with someone about our problems, but we don’t really want our closest ones to know. Sometimes we have a lot of questions and doubts and worries that just need to get out. If you are feeling the same, if you are alone in the city and need a person to talk with (not a psycholog), call me!


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