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Some people can!

Since I’ve landed here about 3 months ago, I’ve got to know the city better, in the way that I am going by myself to solve things and I manage to find my way back home. We’ve also had some aperos evening with friends…his friends, as I have managed to meet only 2 persons since I am here (persons whom I would invite for a drink, as I’ve met many, considering also the interviews and the kids…). This is also how I’ve got to meet his friends and, little by little, started to get to know them better. They are all great, just as I was expecting his friends to be!

Today I am talking about one of these great persons. He’s calm, smart, not what you’d call an extrovert (I should know). But this is not what I want to tell you about him. He has developed an application to help people with sight problems. So…let’s say I am Octavia Ivan, I am 70 years old and I am starting to see blurred without glasses. For sure I have a smartphone, as my grandsons would have offered me one, so I ask one of them to go online, download the application and install it. After that, whenever I want to read, I just start the application and pass the camera of the phone above the text. It works like a loupe, but not only: I have the option of setting the colors spectrum (some persons do not perceive all colors or see better with some) and, what is really helping when you don’t see well, it has a voice command option, which I can activate by simply touching the screen of my phone.

But I might also be younger than 70, as there is no age limit for this. Unfortunately there are kids born with bad sight and I think they could really benefit from the advantages of having this application to help them.

I asked Nico (the guy who can) what made him develop this application and not something else. His answer went straight to my heart: he worked with kids in the past and has learned how to develop kids friendly applications (aren’t we, all, kids?). Also, he strongly believes that we, the ones who can, should give something back to the world. This is his way of doing it.

The final touches are being made and the application will be available soon. It has a 30 days trial period and it is currently available in English, French and Romanian.

Details will follow.

P.S.: I’ve written this article in English so that, in case you know someone who could use this application, you could be able to send them the details…wherever in the world.


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