English thoughts

A lesson for everybody

By accident I’ve seen this short movie. And it talked to me. So I felt that I have to share it, as I am sure there are many persons out there struggling every day with the way how they feel about themselves and the way people see them.

This woman is about 60 and she’s beautiful. Her blue eyes are beautiful, her long and rich hair is beautiful, her worked-out body is beautiful but, what made me watch the movie to the end were her energy, her positivism and the things she said. 50 years of not loving yourself….50 years of letting others make you feel less than who you really are…. 50 years of unhappiness… 50 years of searching… That must have been really exhausting for her. Hell, it has been for me, too! As I, too, have had the same struggles and the same searches. But I have arrived to the point where I see things more clearly, I see them for how and what they are. It isn’t easy to do it but it’s worth it!

So let’s learn from her experience! Let’s not waste our life constantly trying to satisfy others in our detriment. Let’s not give a damn of what the world of fashion says! Let’s not give a damn about what other people say, may them be strangers, colleagues, friends or family! If it makes us feel good about ourselves, let’s just go for it!

Few weeks ago I was reading a chapter of a book and that changed the way I see things: we are not our body, we are not our actions, we are not our faults, we are not our jobs, we are just human beings… we are existences. So let’s not let clothes, actions, bodies define us. Let’s just be ourselves! I am Octavia Ivan and I feel great being me!

“If I could change few things right now I would BUT, for the first time, I’m good this way, too!”


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