English thoughts

Overcoming fear

As I am only human (yet), I also have fears. Yes, as shocking as it might be, I have them. Now I am kicking them out, to make place for better experiences. Yesterday I kicked another fear, when I’ve went to a mariage exposition in Montauban to try to convince the participating companies to sponsor a cultural event that is going to take place in Toulouse, only 1 week later. I feel the need to mention that I have never done something like this and, to make it more fun, I had to do all the talking in French!

We woke up early, had a coffee, prepared an interesting and original salad to take with us, we’ve added a blanket, a bottle of water and something sweet and we headed to the train station. The initial plan was to leave at 10:40, pay only one ticket, as I have gratuity as an unemployed, stay few hours at the exposition, have a picnic and then come back home early enough to also clean the apartment. What we actually did: left at 13:40, paid 2 tickets as I am still missing a piece of paper (which I forgot to go and pick-up), looked for the exposition place for about 30 minutes, stayed there for about 3 hours and then hurried back to catch the return train. As we had no time for the picnic, we filled out bellies with macarons and we were waiting for the train to get the chance to also eat some food. The train station was packed with students and they were all waiting for the same train as us. Imagine that we didn’t even find a seat to rest our feet…let along eat. When we arrived in Toulouse we were physically and mentally exhausted. We decided to go for the bikes, as the metro was invaded by the same students. We found no bikes in all 4 or 5 stations that we’ve looked. Being reasonable started to be difficult, so we continued to walk quiet, to avoid fighting for nothing. When we’ve finally arrived home, all we wanted was the couch.

BUT…despite all the challenges of the day, yesterday has been wonderful! We have been, one more time, a great team and worked wonderfully together. Also, I have learned (again) that people can surprise you and prove you’re wrong. Two women made what I considered to be a fault a quality and really appreciated my bad French and funny accent. Two men, even they’ve said no to our sponsoring proposal, have given us a lot of advices and ideas to follow for potential future sponsors. We’ve met persons really interested in art and culture, a former photograph, a private donor and mainly friendly faces.

Although we were at the end of our strengths, while finally eating the salad, we wrote the mail to send to the persons that were interested for more details about the event. This morning I have sent 10 e-mails. 10! I have no idea how many of them will reply and if any of them will actually sponsor the event. BUT I know how this made me be better. I can’t wait for the next challenge!

Thank you Fred Marie for getting me involved. Count me in for the future, too.

What about you? Any fears to overcome? What are you waiting for? Just do it!

Oh, and…thank you, my love, for being so great! I am the luckiest woman to have you by my side!


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