English thoughts

A great day!

Yeap, just like the song! I had a great day yesterday! I have great days al the time, but yesterday was a little special, as there were exactly 3 months since I started to call Toulouse my home…since we had our first breakfast together as a real couple….since I woke up next to the best man and I didn’t feel anymore the need to hug him a lot, to last until the next time I see him….since we really started to get to know each other…since the rest of my life started…here…with you, love of my life!

We decided to take advantage of the anniversary, of the bad weather and of all the Romanian products that were making our fridge almost explode….and we organized a Romanian apero evening with French friends and wine. As the menu was quite generous, we started with the tarts on Wednesday evening and continued with the preparations on Thursday morning…. mostly me, as the Peacemaker is usually working during the day.

So I woke up in the same time with him, as usual…. we had our coffee together and I started the day with a lot of coughing and buggies, which eventually led to a wonderful headache that lasted almost all day long. I had a meeting with the social assistant at 10:30, so I took a bike at 10:00 and, once arrived, I started to quietly wait for my turn in the waiting room. 2 and a half hours later and a lot of noise in my ears and in my mind I’ve found out that I have waited for nothing, as I cannot have in the same time a security social number in Romania and in France. So…either I keep the one from Romania and get nothing, as using that here is like solving a Chinese puzzle with your hands tied up at the back…or I make a request to have the security social number transferred to France, which is also a tricky process, as I might need to go to Romania for that…not totally clear yet… So, for now, I pray not to get sick.

I left the hospital at almost 13:00, with my head hurting like hell, my neck not very happy from all the coughing and with a million things left to do at home. I only had time to do the dishes, prepare 2 plates of stuffed peppers with 3 kinds of cheese mixture, clean the bathroom, do the dishes again, clean the kitchen, wash my hair, clean the floors, dust, arrange the things in the house, eat a little, burn my tongue trying to have a quick coffee and run to the kids. I didn’t even have time for a shower…

As I took the headache with me, 2 screaming kids in the same room have been like a Chinese drop…pic…pic…pic… Of course that yesterday they were more nervous as usually, screaming more and requesting more things than normal. When I’ve seen the moms arriving I felt safe again!

19:35, I was about to arrive to the station where I get out of the tram….it started to rain…small drops at the beginning….heavy rain in few minutes…I had no umbrella…

I took the scarf from the bag, fold it in many layers, put it above my head and started to run. I got soaked in only few steps, but my goal was to keep my head dry, as it was already hurting. The scarf started to soak, too, so the water was now going on my face, in my eyes, in my nose and in my mouth. I had already ran ¾ of the road in the rain, almost home, when…. far in the alley there was a red umbrella and a familiar shirt… the Peacemaker came to save me from getting wet… not a perfect timing, but a perfect gesture… it made me grow on the inside…

We got home both soaked, we removed the clothes outside the flat, up to the point where it was starting to be too sexy, I went straight to a hot shower while he finished the preparations. 15 minutes later people started to arrive. In the end we were 11 persons. Tuica, zacusca, romanian cheese, vegetables from my parents’ garden, baked peppers, stuffed peppers, a salty tart, a sweet tart, cannele and French wine. At friends’ request, we also had some Romanian music and dancing.

At 1:00 we were both in bed. Tired, happy and together. 3 months later and so many things done!

Thank you, guys, for the wonderful little trees that will force me to be a little more responsible! And thank you for being there! It was a great evening!

Thank you, my love, for being patient with me and for teaching me so many things. But most of all.. thank you for having chosen Bucharest! And for loving me the way you do! We make the best team!


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