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Some help for people with sight issues

A while ago I was writing about Nico and his application created to help people with sight problems. The application is called Loupe vocale and is now available for trial downloads or for monthly rentals.

The interesting part is that I’ve got an interesting offer to propose to you. As I am the friend of a friend (or the girlfriend, in this case), Nico has created a special code just for me. What is even more interesting is what this code does: if you use it when renting the application, you pay 1.99 eur instead of 3.99 eur. And the code is: 6EZRLHK5. You simply enter it before processing the transaction on the site: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=careapps.lowvision&hl=fr.

So, now, in case you know someone who could need this application for a better life, you can simply surprise them with it. 🙂


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