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Why I have a French boyfriend

It is a motivation letter that I can write only now, later, as I needed the time to see the differences with my own eyes, even test some of them and decide if I like them or not. 1 year and some months later I can say with no shadow of a doubt that I really like their style! Let me share it with you, so I will not be talking by myself here.

Well…first of all, there was the exterior aspect that caught my eyes. Relaxed and a little sophisticated, always taking care of the details and feeling good with himself. Then it was the sexy accent I heard when he opened his mouth to say hi, enchante.

The fact that he can recognize a huge number of different kind of cheese and wine; it happens that I love cheese and wine.

The fact that he cooked to me while I was holding to a glass of wine and enjoying the view; the food was also delicious.

The warm way of explaining every detail to me about what we are doing, what I am seeing or tasting and at what I should pay attention, in order to spot the differences between French and Romanian.

The patience for and understanding of my different way of seeing things. Especially the smiling patience.

His friends, which are great and perfectly matching with him. And that told me a lot about him.

The tenderness and loving way of talking.

His respect.

Not being only focused on himself. Understanding that there are different personalities and beliefs. Allowing them to be. Encouraging them.

The relaxed way of living. The state is also helping, it’s true… After all, is part of being French.

The fact that I can be myself, no matter the hobbies, worries, reactions or thoughts. Communication is essential for this couple.

Feeling appreciated. He tells me every time he likes something I do, not do, say or not say. Surprisingly, this is not making him tired…as some might feel.

The fact that he says thank you. For doing the dishes, preparing the dinner, cleaning the house, doing some groceries shopping, taking out the garbage… normal things, some might say.

The active way of living. Running, biking, walks in the mountain or outside the city, skiing, dancing or even walking back home.

Being actively social. There is all the time a friend proposing or accepting to do something together. Never getting drunk, never exaggerating, always enjoying having friends close.

Doing voluntary work. It is a normal part of life here.

Taking care of the nature. Recycling, using less, never leave food on the plate (try to explain this to Romanians going to all inclusive), teaching their kids to do the same, choosing the public transportations  instead of the cars and always leaving the grass green after a picnic.

The 2 or 3 kids per couple. Even if they are not married… (not that kids is a favorite subject for me)

The unconditional love. And there is a lot of it!

The cheese, croissants, wine, macarons, raclette, crepes, soups, tarts and so many other offers of the French cuisine.

The list is looooooong. And I keep it open. Mostly because I discover new kinds of food all the time. But also because I am discovering every day, little by little, the great men that happens to be my boyfriend. And French. They go just great combined: love, cheese and wine! J


4 thoughts on “Why I have a French boyfriend

  1. Alexandru says:

    Cum ar spune englezul, très joli.
    Ma bucur sa citesc aceste ganduri care reflecta alegeri personale si modul frumos in care traiesti.

    • :)) americanismele astea…

      Ne straduim si noi cum putem. Eu imi doresc insa ca toti sa treaca prin asa ganduri frumoase. E mult prea si foarte, ca sa nu le cautam pana le gasim.
      Poate d-asta ma mai transform in Cupidon din cand in cand 🙂

      • Sunt americanisme acceptate in DEX :)) Au fost momente cand ma intrebam ce mai faci, si daca ai continuat sa il cauti,  Am aflat ca in sfarsit, tu l’as trouvé ! Numai bine va doresc, Alexandru 

        From: Octavia Ivan To: alexandru_balmus@yahoo.com Sent: Wednesday, November 12, 2014 9:29 PM Subject: [New comment] Why I have a French boyfriend #yiv4411890923 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv4411890923 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv4411890923 a.yiv4411890923primaryactionlink:link, #yiv4411890923 a.yiv4411890923primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv4411890923 a.yiv4411890923primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv4411890923 a.yiv4411890923primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv4411890923 WordPress.com octaviaivan commented: “:)) americanismele astea…Ne straduim si noi cum putem. Eu imi doresc insa ca toti sa treaca prin asa ganduri frumoase. E mult prea si foarte, ca sa nu le cautam pana le gasim. Poate d-asta ma mai transform in Cupidon din cand in cand :)” | |

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