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New wine

Or Beaujolais Nouveau, as it is called here. The name is given by the area where all started, Beaujolais and it is happening every year in the 3rd Thursday of November.

I was first introduced to the idea last year, while enjoying the first months of the Romanian-French coalition. The Peacemaker tasted the first drops without me, as I was back in Bucharest, but he made sure to buy a bottle for me and bring it in December. With his original style, he shared enough details about this new wine concept, so that I could really enjoy and appreciate the experience. And it worked! The wine tastes good; plus that it is an extra reason for getting together with friends (as if French people need reasons).

This year I am here, on French territory, close to the heart of the events. Of course, I will not be able to go to the new wine degustation, as today is the only day since I started baby-sitting when I will be doing overtime. But we have the weekend! And we have friends! So we will have also a degustation.

For the non-French, non-wine-drinkers, the new wine is, as its name is telling, a new wine freshly made with the current year’s grapes, only 2 weeks before. It is rapidly bottled and shipped all around the world. There was even a habit of competing to be the first to taste the Beaujolais Nouveau. Somehow the habit is still there, as I can feel the urge in the voice of the French people I know here: We need to buy some bottles… We need to try the new wine…. I cannot say I don’t understand them. After all its wine and French people…

We are doing our degustation this evening. After a prolonged time with 2 noisy kids I have a feeling that I might appreciate a glass of wine… NEW wine… with the best company possible: my Peacemaker. And, as we are not selfish, we will also share with friends on Saturday evening, after the Romanian Film Festival, where we will go to see Despre oameni si melci.

Have you already tasted Beaujolais Nouveau? What are you waiting for? Go and get a bottle and a nice person, to enjoy it better!


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