English thoughts

How innovation happens

Few months ago I was a normal person. I was having tea or coffee in the morning, almost all the time with a sweet delight aside. Biscuits, muffins, cakes, chocolate… they were making the coffee moment even more delightful. And the process of enjoying them was simple: a bite of sweet and a sip of bitter. Perfect mix! And I was happy with it.

Until 4 months ago. When I started the French version. Or, better said, the Peacemaker version. With only one bite, consisting of a biscuit soaked in coffee/ tea. At first, I was giving him strange looks and commenting from time to time. How could you not appreciate the crispiness of the biscuit? Crontz-crontz-crontz. How can you not enjoy the bitterness of the coffee? Why risk getting coffee all over your clothes every time you keep the biscuit too long to soak and it falls off? Why complicate? Aren’t mornings demanding enough?

It all lasted until one sunny morning of summer, a late weekend morning, while enjoying the mixture of love, sun and coffee. Out of nowhere, I felt the urge of soaking my biscuit into his mug (I was usually having tea). So I did. And I liked it.

Starting that fatidic morning, I have increased the number of soaked bites in the detriment of sweet & bitter ones. I have started to share his coffee, as a provider for soaked biscuits. I have even started to replace the tea with coffee, only to have my independency in soaked biscuits. I am now drinking 2 small coffees and taking 2 small packages of biscuits during the day. And it’s neither for the coffee, nor for the biscuits. It’s for satisfying my new addiction.

Now I am an addict. Hi, I am Octavia and I am a soaked-biscuits-addict. It’s been 6 hours and 24 minutes since my last soaking. I am thinking to have another one before going to the kids. I hope I will be strong enough not to.

P.S.: so far I have managed to put coffee on my clothes several times, on the couch ones, on the table and floor twice and I have barely missed my laptop. But, hey, practice makes perfection!


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