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How to have muscles pain doing nothing

One of the maaaany reasons why I fell in love with the Peacemaker is that he was also doing martial arts sports like Kung fu and Yi chuan. I was doing Tai chi at that time and I was just starting to feel the taste of it. So, once arrived in Toulouse, I started searching for a place to continue the Tai chi learning. I was soon going to find out that there are not so many good masters in this art, especially in the city.

This is how I ended up one Friday evening to a trial Yi chuan class. Then to a trial Kung fu class. It was quickly cleat that Kung fu is not for me, as it is too harsh with my fragile body. So I was left with Yi chuan. It took me few more trial lessons and a lot of talking to myself to get over the stink of sweat and the wet mattresses from the floor that I have to take in for every class. But this weekend I’ve managed to do it: I’ve been to a 2 days stage of Yi chuan!

For the ones not knowing the details, this martial art is more about the inner part, the meditation, the energy points, the power of will and focus strength. In other words, we stand still for hours in the same position, imagining that we are doing different movements (depending on the position) and finally doing those movements in an invisible way. Don’t worry, there is also a moving part, where we use fighting methods also for the energy growth.

So there I was, 8 a.m. on a Saturday morning, still not totally awake, taking my beginner position and trying to focus on the invisible movements, ignoring the muscles pain and the falling knees. Or the people moving all around me in the stinky room. Or the sensation of falling asleep. Or the need to go to the toilet… Yeap, you would do anything to move…even an inch… Needless to say that you get itches all over…

First 30 minutes were almost ok; I’ve managed to keep the hands nicely curved in the shape of a big ball, feeling the elastics pulling my fingers, keeping the back in the straight position that I’ve learned at Tai chi and focusing on the tingling sensation from my fingers’ tips. The next 30 minutes though…. Knees started to be painful, legs started to tremble, my hands were asking for mercy and the elastics were simply gone with the wind from outside. It was the longest 30 minutes… Or so I thought…

Just to have fun, in the afternoon I had my period, with tones of pain… normal stuff. At least I was not focused on my muscles anymore. So I’ve missed the part of Yi chuan in the park until darkness fell. I heard it was nice.

Sunday, 9:30 a.m. we were back in the stinky room. This time it was a different position, new for me and a little more difficult. I guess I’ve moved in 1 hour as never before. It was close to impossible to keep my knees and arms listening to me. They were screaming outloud. It is still a mystery how I did manage to feel the warmth sensation at all… When that comes, everything else is quiet. It is a great feeling of peace and relaxation, despite the position of your body. And time starts to fly…

At lunch we’ve been to a great Chinese restaurant and it has been a great reward for body and soul. In the afternoon we ended the stage with some movements. By the end I knew I will come back on Friday for the class…

The good part of practicing martial arts is that you become better. More calm, more focused, more resistant, more determined. Better. Plus that you sleep like a baby, as your body needs to rest. The bad part is the pain. But it goes away in time, so…in the end there are only benefits 🙂

I’ll go rub my knees with propolis cream to reduce the pain and prepare for my daily 10 minutes of posture. It will increase to 1 hour and then 2…


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