English thoughts

Tuesday evening

The day started nice with a tea, cold weather and a tour in the shops with a nice girl. Plus that the kids have been almost nice and we laughed a lot impersonating the characters from the story “The night and the pig”.

When I headed back home it was smelling like winter and snow. As much as I don’t like cold weather, I love the snow! It’s bringing back all my beautiful childhood, with laughter and snowball fights with my father and carols and family gatherings and…. and… and… So I was shaking and smiling in the same time, thinking impatient to arriving home, next to the greatest person in the world, to cooking a salmon tart together and beating him to UNO game.

I bought a baguette on the way and, as it was hot, I tasted it…several times… So, when entering the house, the conversation started:

O: darling, we need to do something about it! It seems that there are some mice in the city, which are eating the bread. Every time I buy one, I don’t manage to bring it home entire…
O: yes, it is also happening to me…it must be the same mice… And, you know what? Something else happened: when I arrived home, I’ve found this bottle of wine without a cover… just like that…
O: it really is weird… Now we HAVE to drink it… It would be a pity not to… (thank you, Mada, for the wine! It was delicioussss! And perfect for this evening!!)
blah blah blah… How was your day?… blah..blah..blah…
O: you know, I have something to ask you. I’ve been thinking about it for a while but I need your opinion, because I don’t manage to choose by myself. (we were about to start cooking a tart) I am feeling this for a while and I have been just waiting for it. What do you think about jewelries made of wood and silver? Would you like that?

Ok….let me rewind…

This is what I remember, as he used more words than that. At the beginning I was thinking that he is talking about what we will cook, or his day at work, or the new lens he just bought… Few minutes later I started to realize the subject… And I was curious to see the method… His method was simple and perfect. And unexpected, as he knew I would like. Such unexpected that I had to ask him if he’s proposing…

I said YES. (for those of you wondering)

Happy…I was already, before him asking me. But now I am…hyper happy. This wonderful man, that I sometimes wonder if is real, wants to be my husband… because he loves me exactly as I am… Again… I must have done something right…

I love him in a way that words cannot describe. And he makes me happy every day. Plus that he makes me feel special. And loved. There is no doubt for me here… he is already the love of my life, so he might as well be my husband.

A+ to the Peacemaker for taking the time for me to not think about it anymore.


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