English thoughts

When free time available….

Some might meditate, some might travel around the house, some might read or cook or clean the house in it’s darker corners. I am making Christmas decorations. Out of magazines, corkes, beer caps, orange peels, shells, gift wraps and almost anything that might come to your mind. I am doing what I can to compensate the fact that the Peacemaker has absolutely NO Christmas decorations in the house. As I am also living here now….let’s make it visible :))

So, as I have already said, I have some time on my hands. I know for sure that normal people (and not only) with normal jobs don’t really have time. But they do have friends and colleagues they would like to surprise for Christmas. This is where my proposal comes in: what if you tell me what you would like to offer and I make it? It’s a win-win situation.

For the inspiration, here are some samples of my work so far.

IMG_20141203_201727 IMG_20141203_201803 IMG_20141204_080644 IMG_20141204_080652 IMG_20141204_080718 IMG_20141208_105348 IMG_20141208_105429 IMG_20141208_105439 IMG_20141208_105448 IMG_20141208_105506 IMG_20141208_105520

The reason why this article is being published just now is because I have been waiting for the pictures to upload in the google drive. It seems that you cannot do that with no internet connection 🙂


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