English thoughts

Meet Lumbago

When I first heard this name I thought it is a dance style. It sounds very melodic, almost made me dance. Unfortunately it was the name of the reason why I cannot dance now. Or move…

On Friday I have carried a 3 years old boy for about 30 minutes, almost running. I have put him down only when my hands started to tremble and dropping the kid became inevitable. And, because that was not enough, yesterday I have picked the girl in my arms, even if the first try made me think she ate a lot in the weekend.

The result: yesterday evening I felt my butt a little contracted and then getting numb, followed by a back pain every time I tried to bend or do ample movements like climbing the stairs or reaching out for something. Walking was also a little problematic, as my back was stuck in a weird position.

I had a loving massage with propolis and a partially white night, laying on my back. Today the pain is almost gone, but the movements are still limited and the back is still stuck. No kids for me today…

– I should listen more to my body
– we use our back muscles for almost everything we do
– propolis and love do miracles
– I am right to like the heat as much as I do – it is making the pain go away
– I am right to dislike pain as much as I do – it is limiting me
– I have the most wonderful man by my side, soon to be my husband
– doing nothing is not as fun as it sounds
– back pain makes me think of pregnancy
– putting socks on can be tricky; so does going to the toilet
– for once I am glad it’s not summer
– today I am the most determined to do all those things I’ve been postponing (running, cleaning, biking, visiting the museums…)
– beautiful wood-sylver/gold rings are difficult to find in France
– when you have a dispute with the man you love, hitting your finger into the wall (while trying to heat some tea water) helps you calm down and let the loved one take care of the injured finger
– we are lucky (I’ll keep the reason inside for the moment)

Oh, and… I still have a really bad memory and good friends to remind me important events. Yesterday (not today) has been the birthday of Csilla, the mom of one of the most beautiful baby-girls I have ever seen. And also a dear friend of mine (Csilla, not the baby). Happy birthday, Csilla! I can’t wait to see the new version of you!

I’ll leave you now, as I am busy doing nothing while laying on the couch like a broken potatoe.


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