English thoughts

I’m transforming!

Saturday evening we’ve been to the theatre. In French! A small room, with curious people and normal chairs. We even had 3 pillows each in the last row, to be able to see the actors. And we did. We laughed, too, as it was an improvisation representation. We selected the characters and wrote the script. The actors just played it and they did it great!

For me it was both a revelation and a pleasure. The pleasure was coming from being in a theatre room, surrounded by people and laughing. The revelation was coming from the inside, when I realized how advanced my French is now. I was at a French improvisation session and I understood almost everything! I cannot describe in words how fulfilling this can feel for a foreigner living in France. It makes me feel a little more integrated and proud in the same time. I’m proud of how I’m evolving here. I’m proud of how I can have complex debates with strangers…in French. I’m proud of the new me.

Yes, I am still looking for a job, but the approach is improving almost every day. It is not enough anymore to simply apply on-line to jobs. You need to be visible, to be different. You need to go out there and introduce yourself. You need to stand out!

So… a new place to live in, a new language to communicate in, a new approach in the job searching and a busy French agenda… I couldn’t have guessed it one year ago! I’m starting to feel confident again!


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