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A normal person’s schedule

My day started 4 hours and 40 minutes ago with a cicore and sleepy eyes. I was cold just with the pijamas. At 5:40 I went out the door, to the bike station. At 6:00 I was knocking at the door, ready for 2 and a half hours of baby sitting. Except that, when I arrived, the mom told me that the little boy has a fever and she will stay home with him. But, since I was already there, we can have a coffee and a chat.

In the meantime big, white, fluffy flakes started to flow. My first snow in Toulouse. My first snow this winter. One hour later I was again on the bike, riding in a white and reviving city. My first bike riding on the snow. I felt like a kid. After parking the bike, on my way home, I was smiling to the people on the street. I can only imagine my thrilled expression… I even drew a smiley face in the snow, for whoever will want to see it. I made my first snowball, too. I had my feet and hands frozen, my jacket, bag and hat all wet and white and a huge smile on my face. This is how my sleepy husband saw me when he opened the door, as required in my sms.

While he was waking up in the shower I even had time to prepare us the coffee, warm up the chocolate fondue (which we cooked in the weekend) and prepare his lunch.

It’s 8:45 and I’ve managed to do all these. It feels great! It feels great to be the only person on the street, in a city so quiet that you can hear your thoughts. It feels great to bike in the morning! It feels even better to bike in the snow! It feels great to have time for coffee with my husband!

The day can begin!



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