English thoughts

About anything

Early in the morning, with a hot cicore and a deep philosophical conversation with my husband, I remembered that I can write just about anything, as long as I have no specific demands. I did try to be a content writer for some additional money, but it’s not for me. Being limited to an exact title or subject, most of the time in 500 words and with a really short due date are killing my inspiration. The voice aside me concluded: you really do have an issue with authorities and hierarchy! (inspired by a discussion from the day before)

In exchange, I can easily write about any subject that can come to my mind. Or to yours… I can write a full article starting from an image, a picture, a quote, an idea, a blank wall, a movement, a sound, a song… ANYTHING! So try me! Send me your inspiration materials and I’ll write the articles. Those of you who don’t have my email address, just leave a small comment and I will send it to you.

Any normal person, when looking around, sees shapes, colors, birds and houses… I see articles or at least short ideas. Of course I also see the shapes and colors, but they all get transformed into articles. Does that make me less normal? 😀

Try me! Try my imagination! I am as curios as you to see the results.

P.S.: I am thinking more and more serious to buy a bird house and feeding system for my new adopted little yellow-and-brown birdie. He is coming few times per day to eat and gives me cold looks when I forget to renew the bread crumbles. (I am guessing it’s a guy)


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