English thoughts

2nd: Puppies


Just look at them! Great smile, perfect teeth, pink tongue and soft, black leather nose.

I’m an animal lover, married with a person who is allergic to animals’ hair. That only means that I am petting every 4 legs being that crosses my way. I cannot bring them home, though, as I care more for the Peacemaker.

I had animals in my life since I can remember. Mostly dogs. Cats, cows, pigs, chickens, goats and ducks, too, but mostly dogs. Right now there is a gorgeous white golden retriever being spoiled in my parents’ house. And I miss him A LOT!

And now let’s get back to the inspirational picture. Happy dogs it’s what I see there. And lucky, as they have been adopted from the street or shelters. Their main concern now is to play, eat and sleep. They are sharing the space with some cats and 5 humans. Obviously, the humans are outnumbered. So they’ve lost their full rights around the house, be it the couch, the car or the bed. Do I understand that? Yes. Do I agree with that? Maybe, as long as it is not in my couch, bed and car. I do love the animals but I also don’t like having their hair flying all over in the house. I guess the experience with a fluffy Burmese cat cured me…

I do wish to have some (animals, I mean) in the future. It’s life changing for both adults and children. But I also wish to live in an apartment with a big terrace where the animals can live. Toulouse is animal friendly so taking them out for a walk would not be a problem.

This article was inspired by the 2 happy dogs’ owner, Paula. She is special. Although allergic to animals, she has about 5 or 6 (I’ve lost track). She lost her nose but kept the animals. She would be able to fill the house with all the animals suffering on the street if she would not listen to the voice of her husband from time to time. She has already found homes for few and is donating food to the shelter every month. She is kind of a guardian angel for the street animals. Let’s just say that if my boy, Axi, would get lost one day, I would wish that Paula finds him. She simply loves animals more than words can say…

We have a lot of dogs’ owners here, too. And I’m glad to see them in a beautiful relation with their 4 legs friends. You don’t really here any dog barking in the air. You do see and smell a lot of dog brown results, though… But that is another story, about responsibility, common sense and caring about something else than yourself and your universe.

I’ve lost 4 dogs so far and I’ve cried for 3 of them (the 4th was a little crazy and I was not able to get anywhere close to him, so we didn’t have the chance for a strong relationship). It hurts like hell every time. But you forget that instantly when you hold a fluffy puppy in your arms. When they are so small that they fit in your hands. When they smell like milk and they stumble each 2-3 steps. When they bark funny and chew shoes bigger than them. When they fell asleep in your arms and make you feel that you are melting. When they kiss you and make you better… Because they do, they make our life better!


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