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Searching for a job (in Toulouse)

More or less I’ve been all the time searching for a job. Actually, not for any job, but for the PERFECT job. Haven’t found it so far, so I guess I was not doing such a great work. However, back there I had a job, even if imperfect.

Now things are different. What I have is less than half of a job and, to have a full package, it’s way far from being perfect. I also leave in a country I don’t know, with a language I don’t master and with habits I’m still discovering. So imagine the fun I had at the beginning! CDD or CDI? Huh? Come again? What is that? I was THAT bad!

Today, 7 months later, I know almost all the details I need to know to handle a job interview. I am only missing a small detail: the interviews. And I can say I’ve tried many different approaches.

  1. I started like a normal person, with internet research. But it is not even close to being enough.
  2. I’ve printed out my CV and went to the interim agencies in person, for a short interview. At that time my French was still poor. I haven’t seen any result from doing this, except from a slightly increased level of self-confidence. If only for that and it’s worth doing it.
  3. Subscription to every newsletter possible. Interim agencies, companies in my area of interest, magazines, anything that might help. Today I am still receiving about 10 mails per day with the job openings in my domains.
  4. Thoroughly reading the job offers available and selecting the jobs that might be suited for me.
  5. Improving the methods of application. At the beginning I was sending up to 12-15 CVs per day or every 2 days. It was way too many and it made it impossible for me to really justify all of them. So I’ve started to really select the jobs that could offer me what I am looking for. The jobs that get closer to the dream I had. I was able to select up to 5-10 jobs per week and then choose the best 5, for which I was writing personalized motivation letters. I still had no result. Except that I started to know very well what I don’t want and better and better what I really want. In the same time my self-confidence started to drop significantly, as there was no visible result to my efforts since few months already. It was like talking to the walls…
  6. Spontaneous candidatures to the companies where I would have really loved to work, with a personalized justification of the reasons. Except that I started to get better and better to writing motivation letters, no other result was visible.
  7. This is a step I didn’t manage to actually apply, as I have decided to become an entrepreneur in the meantime. But I strongly recommend it! Make a list of 10 companies where you would absolutely LOVE to work, no matter the job (there are always many possibilities). Make it very clear to yourself WHY you would like to get a job there and create your verbal motivation letter based on those reasons, your professional experience and your personal aptitudes. Search for possible contact persons and write down their details. Find out more about them, too. When you feel you have more than enough details about the company, potential jobs and the persons you might be talking with, fill yourself up with enthusiasm and go to the company’s offices. Get passed the receptionist and make your interview happen! Don’t take no for an answer and don’t leave until you see someone with decisional power. Go back several days in a row if needed! Be determinate, motivated and persistent! It will pay off!

In the summer time, while walking on the streets of Toulouse, I’ve seen a jewelries shop and I totally loved their style. If I would be still looking for a job now I would go to that shop asking if they need help manufacturing and selling their products, providing the reasons why I would be the right person to do that. I would even do it for free at the beginning, for 3 reasons: I get to show them I am a great asset, I get to do something I like, I get to use my time better (I am not working, anyway). What if they say no, thank you? Well…I come back the next day. And the next…and the next…until they are willing to give me a chance.

My dears, if you read and make faces, thinking you could never do that, thin again! We all have the right to do something we enjoy and get paid for doing it! We all deserve the perfect job for us! And, in order to get it, we need to follow few simple steps:

  • Know exactly what the dream job sounds like for you
  • Find out where you can get it from
  • Ask for it!
  • Don’t take no for an answer!
  • Enjoy

No company will come to you and ask you to join their team (unless you are one of the rare talents in your area of expertise). Most companies don’t even know you exist. Make them aware of you! Make them desire you so bad that they cannot say no!

I am convinced that this is possible. Getting a job outside your experience is possible as long as you have the personal skills and motivation to do the job. Almost everything can be learned! And the companies are aware of that, too. I don’t suggest you to apply for a brain surgeon job, though… unless you are already one 🙂

Well…good luck in the tank of sharks. Remember that all the fishes inside are important! Learn how to value them! Learn how to value yourself! First in your own eyes, then in the eyes of the recruiters.

Thank you, again, Paula, for the inspired subject of today’s article!


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