English thoughts

Aggressive orange

It is about a 2 legs – 2 arms – 1 head – 1 black leather jacket orange. Actually, an employee of Orange company, knocking at my door early in the day and trying to sell me a product of theirs without asking me if I need or want to have it.
– Hello, I am here to install the new optical fiber box from Orange.
– Hello, what box?
Sticking his hand in my face to force me shake it…
– We are replacing all the old boxes with the new optical fiber, for better and faster internet connection.
– But we don’t have Orange…
– Yes, I know, you have the black box from Free and you pay x euros per month… (I have found out later that he was just saying a number, randomly)
– Well, I am not aware of making any request for having the optical fiber. I will call my husband to confirm.

He didn’t answer…
– I’m sorry, but you better try again when my husband is at home and you can discuss it with him.

During all the conversation I kept the door barely opened and didn’t invite him enter. He was really tall and not a very friendly appearance. He handed me a flyer with Orange details and his contacts and went on to our neighbor. I was able to hear his aggressive approach from our living room, with some slow music and the door closed.

Of course my husband did not make any request and forgot to tell me about. It seems that Orange took over the former national company and they have a 3 months exclusivity period for installing the optical fiber boxes. So this is what the guy was trying to do. Without any previous notification, without explaining why he is really knocking at my door, without mentioning the costs involved in the change, just trying to fool me into letting him enter the apartment and replace the box. Without even asking me if I have the time and will to listen to what he has to say.

I have never been an Orange person, but to think they train their employees to treat their potential customers like this… it’s more than I can accept.

I am on my way to become an entrepreneur and I can say for sure that this is NOT a method for selling your products and attracting customers. It is, though, a method to make people advise their friends against you. Now…it depends on what you want…

When starting the article of today I had the choice between this one and another one about Pôle emploi (they are just incredibly annoying!). It was a tuff choice…


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