English thoughts

Moving without a car

Without owning a car, I mean. Since the end of 2014 we are carless. She decided to give up and left the Peacemaker in the middle of his way back home. Tomorrow we will sell it for spare parts, as repairing it is more expensive than the car itself.

But we do need a car from time to time. I mean, sure biking is great from so many ways and so is walking or sometimes common transportation, but they have their limits. Whenever you want to be fast or to transport voluminous and heavy things or just to be comfortable and independent, you do NEED a car. So do we. So we started to search around.

So far there are 2 options for us: classical car rental services or Citiz. They are both useful, depending on the situation. For us, most of the time, Citiz is the best option, for obvious price reasons. They are a cooperative and they work for the benefit of others and of the city. When we had our meeting with them, we heard many times about considering the person that follows you, taking care of the others, respecting the others. It is us, the users of the cars who clean them and fill the tanks by using a card available in every car. It is also the users who charge the electrical cars.
You need a 120 euros inscription fee and a monthly subscription of 10 euros and you can rent different types of cars (category S, M, L). The price for each rental is calculated based on the number of hours and kilometers and it includes the carburant. There are even electrical cars in their float. As an example, going to the hypermarket for monthly shopping, 2 hours and 10-20 km would cost us 14 euros. It is not cheap, but it is ok, considering that we do not own the car. On the other hand, we do not pay 20 euros every month for the insurance…plus that we can have the type of car we need every time, for almost the same price (the difference is not very big between the different categories).

Now….if you need a car for 1 week, things are different. It will also be my case soon, for my new business. I am in the middle of a research for the best option. Maybe the classical car rentals will be better this time…not sure yet.

Did you try any other options? Especially in France 🙂

In the meantime, the bike and my 2 legs are my favorite means of transportation in the city. As much I get to know the places in the city, the more I have the impression that everything is at a walking distance and I simply love that! It means less pollution, less gas consumption, less cars on the street. Because I am not the only one riding a bike or fortifying leg muscles. The streets are full of others like me. It makes my heart overflow. Have I told you before that I really feel like home here?


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