Bate vantul frunzele

O punga de plastic imi trece tangential pe deasupra capului. Fassssshhhh….. N-o vad, pentru ca am parul in ochi. Si parul doamnei de langa mine imi este in ochi. Si esarfa domnului din fata mea. Ah, uite, am si o musculita…e neagra. Continue reading

English thoughts

Flowers, cakes and hugs

Sometimes I feel like offering them all, in a nice wrapping, to a single person. Take yesterday, for example. I would have offered them to the persons who invented Tage testing. TWICE! Does anybody know them? And their addresses? Continue reading


Ups and downs

Actually, this one is more about ups, to be more specific. I had the downs just before and now I am fully enjoying the climbing part. Being back to Bucharest, in the middle of my family and friends brought some light to how I am seeing things, about how I am seeing myself. In the end, it can be only one: ME! Continue reading