Ups and downs

Actually, this one is more about ups, to be more specific. I had the downs just before and now I am fully enjoying the climbing part. Being back to Bucharest, in the middle of my family and friends brought some light to how I am seeing things, about how I am seeing myself. In the end, it can be only one: ME!

What I mean about that? No I did not become nor a vampire, neither an immortal. It’s just that, little by little, I’ve come to realize and believe stronger every day that it is only me deciding where to go and what to do. IF IT IS TO BE, IT IS UP TO ME! A 10 twoletter words affirmation that says it all! Yes, there are situations and persons coming to our paths, but it is all the time us that decide how to react to them and what to do next.

These days I am learning that I don’t need to be perfect all the time and that I can do almost everything I put my mind to. Right now I am discussing about printing with potential French customers. I am new to prospecting, I am new to sales, I am new to French culture and language, I am even new to the printing industry. But these don’t prevent me for walking out the door and giving it a try, because I CAN! And when I say this, I actually say: Imagination, Commitment, Affirmation, No way I give up!

For sure I will make mistakes and I will not manage everything from the first time. But, as William Edward Hickson said, “If at first you don’t succeed, Try, Try and Try again.” Perseverance and determination are the key. Practice and keeping a positive mind are the fuel. Great results and visible growth are the reward. We just need to start!

Nope, I’m not creating all these wonderful ideas by myself. Others did that already before me. I am only letting them inspire me and they do a great job! These days “Motivating the unmotivated” by Dr. Ram Lakhan Prasad is my inspiration.

Now I’ll go and get dressed for my first full day of business meetings. Words are not enough to describe the excitement! It’s new and I love it! Or…should I say… J’aime ca! 😉


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