English thoughts

Flowers, cakes and hugs

Sometimes I feel like offering them all, in a nice wrapping, to a single person. Take yesterday, for example. I would have offered them to the persons who invented Tage testing. TWICE! Does anybody know them? And their addresses?

Yesterday I took my first blank/ white tage mage test. My target is to get 400 points out of 600. Yesterday I had 160. Not bad, considering that I have French vocabulary and mathematics and that I haven’t finished yet all the theory. However, it took me 2 hours, 90 questions and 3 more hours for understanding the solutions for the questions I failed.

2 questions had absolutely NO logic, even after reading their explanations. On top of that, not knowing the French educational system and the language’s subtle little meanings, did not help either. Is there any non-French person who has already taken the tage mage? Is there anybody who passed it? And, I know I’m repeating myself, but does anybody know the addresses of the guys who invented this?

A little example: I had a question including details from the French educational system. With this occasion I realized that I had no idea about how school is happening in France. So….here it is:

Maternelle: from 3 to 5 years (it’s the equivalent of kindergarten)
Ecole primaire: CP for 6 years
CE1 for 7 years
CE2 for 8 years
CM1 for 9 years
CM2 for 10 years
College: 6eme (6th) for 11 years
5eme (5th) for 12 years
4eme (4th) for 13 years
3eme (3rd) for 14 years
Lycee: 2eme (2nd) for 15 years
1ere (1st) for 16 years
terminal for 17 years (I guess they call it like this because there are not many who get out of school alive)

11 more white tests and 7 weeks before my exam. I should manage it.


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