English thoughts

Beautiful people

I like people. No! I LOVE people! I find them fascinating and I have all the time new lessons to learn from the persons around me. I must be addicted to human contact by now. And because I like being amongst them, I am searching for every possible opportunity. So it happens that I’ve been busy this week. Busy meeting new personalities.

A relatively old man who was reminding me a lot of my father, a psycholog who fascinated me with his extremely calm attitude, a very colorful woman by attitude and laughter and few warm souls. I was in the middle of them for few hours and I left the circle full of energy and positivity.

I liked it so much that I have already booked the next meeting in my calendar. On top of that, I’ve been curious to know more, so I’ve attended a brainstorming session branded Etincelle, with Laure as our spiritual guide of the meeting.

Imagine a huge green garden, with blossomed trees and birds, a carpet in the grass and 5 totally different persons on it. 4 hours later we were exchanging numbers and thinking of our next meeting. Putting your brain to work in the benefit of others it is a very beautiful experience. So beautiful that it makes me want to teach everyone around me how to do it. Especially if they have the chance to do it in the middle of the nature!

Yesterday was also interesting as, after a full long day, we decided to spoil ourselves with some delicious shaorma. So we’ve went to the little shop in our neighborhood, where I have tasted THE BEST SHAORMA EVER! As I was only the second time there and the first time when I was actually understanding the offer and I was also able to ask questions by myself, I took the chance. What is that? How does that taste? How is that sauce made? And so on, and so on… until they guy stops from answering my questions, turns around, grabs a tray, some fries, the bottles of sauce and makes a generous dot of every sauce he had. While we were tasting the sauces, he was explaining us the ingredients and how he likes to mix them. Now this is what I call customer service!!

I was so impressed, that I felt the need to tell him. So I’ve asked him if it is his business, as I see how dedicated he is. He said that he is only helping out his cousin, but it is normal for him to do his work like that. He concluded: “if I don’t want to work, I stay at home!” Always with a warm smile… And he is only 20 something…. I had to tell him that it is rare to see people like him!
Olivier said that the guy served us like that because of the beautiful woman I am. I say it was because of my funny accent.

Well…what can I say? I absolutely love the happenings I get to experience! They are providing me with the supply of positive and determination needed to start calling prospects for establishing the meetings. 🙂

For sure French people are at least interesting!


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