English thoughts

For a good start of the week

Yesterday it was Monday. ALL.DAY.LONG. At least for me it was. Maybe for some of you it was Thursday…or still weekend… Oh, well, good for you! But, to come back to me, it was surely Monday. Why am I so sure? Well…let me detail the day.

8:00 am – dentist
Despite the fact that he is a young doctor, he disappointed my expectations and he proved to be a good one. I even shared the croissants with him, as I was in a really good mood (I’ve bought them to get the coins I needed for paying the exact bill just to realize after exiting the boulangerie that I was still missing 50 eurocents…)

12:30 – 14:30 – co-lunch in a co-working space, with other entrepreneurs
I’ve got the information about the event just in the morning so I had a quick look on the details.
What I’ve understood: there will be a bagels producer present with some samples of his products (it seemed normal for me, as I had already attended something like that in Bucharest). My goal was to get the contacts and make a small pitch of my business.
What really happened: there was a developer of an application for mobile, application which is meant to put in contact the food providers and the hungry persons, on a pre-order and pre-paid method. All this for saving time on both sides. I did exchange contact details with him and found out some new information, though. But he is not making any bagels. At least not for others…

Spicy details: as it was a co-lunch, everybody was supposed to bring their own food. So we did – I had a bag of chips (that I’ve found in the kitchen). The receiving person (it was not the first time we were seeing each other) asked me my name again and confirmed with me that I have brought something to eat. My answer: yes, chips, but I will not eat, as I came for the contacts.
For those of you arrived later on the blog, I am currently in France and what I did enters in the NEVER TO DO category. French people don’t mix business and eating! At least not at lunch… I DID! On top of that, I didn’t even take out the bag of chips to share it with the others (it was not a sharing atmosphere around the table but, as I was not eating and I had already said I’ve brought something…). If you would have been a fly on the ceiling, you would have seen a table of 6 persons where 5 were eating and 1 was writing vital information in a black agenda…

15:00-18:00 – I made a call. ONE! My first, it’s true, but ONE! And it went like this:
The secretary: hello, company bla-bla
Me: Hello, I am Octavia Ivan from Printing Agency. Could I talk with the person in charge with the printed documents/ tools that you are using in the company? (in French is more clear)
The secretary: You are who?
Me: Octavia Ivan
The secretary: Can you spell it?
Me: O C T A V I A  I V A N
The secretary: in one word?
Me: No, in 2: Octavia and Ivan……..
The secretary: And the company’s name?
Me: Printing Agency
The secretary: can you also spell it?
Me: P R I N T I N G  A G E N C Y…. 2 words….
The secretary: and who are you looking for?
Me: the person in charge with the printed documents your company is using, like the labels and the catalogues
The secretary: why do you want to talk with him?
Me: to establish an appointment
The secretary: what for?
Me: to make a presentation
The secretary: is this your phone number? (xxx xxx xxx)
Me: yes
The secretary: ok, I will communicate your details
Me: (realizing that the phone number she said was the fix number, as I was calling from it) Merci… And I stood like that, with the phone sticked to my ear, waiting for the other person to talk. It took me an entire minute to realize (the beep-beep-beep also helped) that she hung up.

What I wanted to obtain from the call: set a meeting with the right person, or at least arrive to talk with him/ her
What I’ve obtained: NOTHING! Oh, wait… now I am sure that it is a valid phone number and that there is a person somewhere in that company who is in charge of the printed documents…

Golden rule which was quite often repeated when rehearsing: almost everybody will try to get read of you; don’t let them! It seems that I am better at breaking the rules than getting the appointments with strangers. And I am a girl!

Spicy details: 5 minutes after the call, the fix phone rang. It made my heart skip a beat, while I was searching for the company’s name in my xls file. It was a commercial call… And I was way too naive to think that the person would really use the information and call me back…

Conclusion of the day: young is not always unexperimented; dentist is not all the time a bad experience but you can use them as an excuse for not eating; I need to read more careful the details (especially for events I am attending); a bag of chips can be more expensive than it’s label sometimes; I can be a master of phone monologues (as I become deaf in certain situations, so my answers are made to match the hypothetical questions from my head); AND sometimes getting what you want can be close to climbing the ice block in Antarctica, equipped with  sunglasses and heels.

Well… I’m impatient to experiment this week’s Tuesday! If not, it will come anyway 😉


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