English thoughts

Creepy and nice in the same time

Yesterday it happened for me to read an article about Conchita Wurst and her new video, where he/she gets undressed. I must admit it made me curious… plus that I had no idea about her/his songs… So I hit the play button and I look at the entire video, while listening to the song… This one: 

My reactions were absolutely contradictory! On one side, if only listening to the song (eyes closed), I kind of like it, both the message and the melody; also she/he has a nice voice. BUT, if watching the video, it kind of made me sick to my stomach. Especially when the combination of beard, muscles, long wig, false eyelashes, red nails starts to take her/his clothes off and there we have it, in all his beauty (this time is very visible it’s a HE).

I totally understand that there are people born into a body that is not corresponding to their self-image and that they need to adapt their bodies so that they represent them as they really are. But Conchita is not decided! So she/he made a totally unnatural combination of features and the result is at least repulsive. For me, at least.
I also understand that there was a need of differentiation in order to succeed, but there is a limit in everything and I feel it being crossed here.

I would like to see Conchita Wurst as she/he is. Either man or woman, it’s her/his choice, as long as there is one… Now it is something closer to a sort of an unnatural monster than a natural person. Personal opinion here!

On the other side, I must admit I admire her/him for her/his courage of doing that! Also for the determination and power of ignoring all the mean remarks that were made (including this one). I am sure that it was not easy! That’s another reason I like this song in particular… it’s a strong message which I believe to be also personal. I guess I will just chose the audio version…


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