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Wine degustation

Yesterday we broke all the rules. Again. We had a wine degustation. Again.

For those of you not familiar with the subject (like I was only few months ago), you need an oenologist (oenologue in French), curious persons and some volunteers for the cooking part. It’s usually starting around 8’o clock in the evening and ending around 1-2 in the morning. During all this time Walter (our very appreciated oenologist, thank you Walter!) will introduce everybody to the special world of wine tasting when accompaniated by specific dishes. 7 different kind of dishes, 7 wine selections, all of them very special due to the way the vine is being raised. While doing some physical exercises Walter will explain the provenience, the specificities and all you need to know in order to appreciate it even better.

So far I’ve attended 2 wine degustations, both with Walter. For the 1st one I understood almost nothing (except the parts he translated to me in English) but I enjoyed descovering some special wines. For the 2nd one, on the other hand, I’ve been totally present, with eyes, ears and taste buds. He even accepted the challange of trying to find a champagne that I could like (nope, I haven’t discovered it yet).

After many years of managing over 1000 people in a big company, he decided that he likes oenology more. So he started fresh with a diploma in wines and with a lot of passion, which is very visible in his results. I must admit I kind of envy him, having access to some of the most beautiful places in France and getting to know interesting people who are paying him to do something he likes. But in the same time, he is also inspiring me, as he is another proof that it’s possible!

Well, of it’s not clear enough, I strongly reccommend him as a guide in the journey of wine discovering!

Conclusions of the evening:

– it can be a little stressful to organize an event for 17 persons at your place, but it’s totally worth it!
– after a night of food and wine you wake up hungry and thirsty
– French cherries don’t have inhabitants
– I can still resist an entire night on heels! Yay me!
– the “after” cleaning can be quite fast if your mind is replaying the nice evening in the backround
– I am more and more adapting to my receiving country, as I am able to go for 6 hours of French, other 16 persons, food and wine without feeling that I will fall asleep every second (it was pretty exhausting 11 months ago)
– we have great friends! Thank you, guys,!
– regardless your country of origin or location, you should try at least one degustation with Walter (although you appreciate the 2nd more and I am guessing the 3rd will be even better). You can read more details on their site, http://terroirsandco.fr/.


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