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Younger inspiration

Yesterday I was again baby sitting 2 kids, after 1 week of vacation and 1 week just with the girl, as the boy lost one of his grandparents. 

As usual, I first picked up the boy, catching him in my arms, making hugs and kisses, telling eachother that we’ve missed, asking him the colour of the day (usual stuff). Just before exiting the building of the school, someone asked him if he has been in vacation, as she had not seen him in a while. As I knew it’s a sensitive subject for him, I’ve let him answer the question by himself. As expected, he did not want to talk about it, so he had just told the lady he was in Paris. Then he turned to me and, with the most sweet serious face he told me that he doesn’t want to tell her the details, but that he was in Paris because his grandfather died. I told him I knew and I asked him how does he feel about it. ” A little sad” was the reply from the sweet serious face. I felt my heart melting for this little person. In the same time, I was respecting him even more for his maturity and for the way he knows himself.

After picking-up the girl, we headed to the park. The boy running ahead, as usual, the girl holding my hand and commenting her funny friend in front of us (they love eachother and they are going to get married). Out of nowhere she looked at me and she said “Octavia, it was great when we were just the 2 of us”. I admitted I also loved our week together, but I remembered her how much she missed the boy. She smiled to me, with the most understanding expression (sometimes words don’t help to describe these 2).

In the park, as usual, I am letting them play while I am watching them from the little fence of the playground. I only go inside if they ask me to (otherwise they enjoy their freedom, checking regularly that I am still there and still watching them). Suddenly, the boy slides from the swing and hits his back to the ground (luckily covered with a softer coat). He started to cry so I’ve ran to check on him. I told him to rest laid down for few moments, in order for him to calm down. I’ve checked his head, asked him if he’s hurting anywhere and tried to comfort him. While still checking his head, he smiles at me: “Luckily I’ve got a thick skull!” We both started laughing, we hugged, I gave him some water and the games continued. When heading home, I’ve told him that I was proud of how he reacted back in the park and that he made a great joke.

And, just to end the day nice, while I was trying to put my shoes on and rejoin my husband for finishing the preparations, the girl called me to help her prepare a surprise for her mother. It was a great complicity between the 2 of us, with giggles and secret gestures (mom was already at home). When I was exiting the door she winked at me, with a sweet little smile.

Gosh, I’m gonna miss them like crazy! I’m hopelessly and madly in love with these 2 amazing human beings! And when I think I’ve been paid for that, too…


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