English thoughts

36 and counting

One year ago I was secretly buying the ticket to Toulouse and preparing a special outfit, while telling you that I am going in a team building. One year ago we celebrated you on the brighter side of Garonne, with your dear friends. We had only few days together and they were simply amazing.

This year I will be waiting for you at home. Or maybe in the city. But I don’t need to fly to your arms anymore, as I am by your side every day and this is more than I could wish for. It might be cloudy the sky today, but we have the sun in our hearts, in our smiles, in our hugs… Joyeuse anniversaire, mon coeur! Thank you for having me part of your life; I feel lucky every time I get to hold YOUR hand in the crowd, every time you chose me from all the women out there. Because it is a choice we make every day!

It’s been one year already! Time passes by too fast! I don’t feel one day older and, looking at you this morning, you only get younger and brighter. Those eyes…that smile…those funny jokes…those loving hugs… On your birthday, you are my present!

This year I feel different. I still have the inspiration for beautiful presents, but I don’t feel the impulse of actually doing them. This year I’m learning simplicity. Just being with you and really appreciating the gift of being together. Doesn’t matter where, as long as I get to loose myself into your eyes and on your lips. The present moments. The precious moments…

I feel lucky and thankful and happy and peaceful. For getting to finally meet you, for discovering you every day, for building the most beautiful puzzle together. We don’t belong to each other, but we decided to stay together and grow beautifully. And I have a round piece of an olive tree with me every day to remind me that.

You are beautiful, my love! Happy birthday!



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