English thoughts

It feels like yesterday…

A full summer day, with sun and high temperatures. Me in a pale pink dress, with little birds dancing on it, no heels shoes, a poney-tale and my eternal smile. Being late, as always, I was running from the office to the metro and from the metro to the meeting point. Looking at the time, I sent an sms announcing I will be 5 to 10 minutes late.

The last 100 meters. 50. Few steps left. Only 5 minutes late, there I was. Next to my colleague from work, we were about to meet 2 foreigners and show them a part of Bucharest. 2 Romanians, 1 American and 1 French. The French part of the team was already arrived (he even called me to be sure I’m still coming) and, after waiting for the American part to arrive, we headed for the city. 2 by 2, along the Victoriei Street. I got paired up with the French guy. Taller than me, skinnier than me, whiter than me, bigger eyes than mines, larger smile than mine, a much sexier voice than mine, smelling less fresh than me (deh, he was coming after a hot day in the city, I was coming from an air-conditioned office).

Few streets and about 2 hours later, we decided to reward ourselves with some cold beer. Old city bar just happened to be the first one on my mind, so we headed that way. The conversation was very alive, but mostly coming from the American guy, as he was taking all the talking space. So I had time to observe. I’ve seen my colleague having a good time, the American guy feeling a little too self-confident and the French guy’s big side pockets pants. And his slightly hairy chest. And his beautiful curly hair (on the top of his head). And his big brown eyes, looking through me, inside of me.

I had to see him the next day, as he was only leaving the day after. So I did. So we did. This time Calin joined me (I only knew him since 17 days or so). We met directly to the bar (or at least this is how I’m remembering it) and we continued tasting the beers (yes, same bar). One…2…3 beers later, the music started. So we danced. Together. And we’ve talked. Together, just the 2 of us, completely ignoring that there were other persons around us. Like time and space stopped from moving. Just me and him. Him and me. Talking closer and closer (to cover the noise around), eye to eye, one hand on the shoulder, another tapping the knee to reinforce an idea…

One hour later we stopped for breathing and rejoined the others (in the meantime 2 girls joined the group). Nope, no kisses, no holding hands, just a warm hug for goodbye. The talking part continued for about 3 more months before we decided to finally kiss 😉

The walk in the city, the cold beer touching my lips, the big side pockets, the dancing, the warmth of his hug… they all feel like yesterday. It’s crazy to realize that it was actually happening 2 years ago! The day I met my husband! Wether we knew it or not, for sure we felt it deep inside of us. From there on, we only followed our hearts into this amazing story that is our life together!

It’s funny how things happen. How a simple instant, a look, a smile can change your life entirely.

I asked him later what was he thinking when he first saw me, what was his very first impression. “You were a normal woman when I first saw you; then you smiled… even better, you started talking. You were interesting.” Funny thing: I was first caught by his big brown eyes (I was feeling that I could get lost in them) and then by his melting smile and his sexy voice…

2 years later we are still choosing each other for company every day. In the meantime we are living together and we even got married. But nothing else changed. We still fill like we did 2 years ago, being charmed by the most special smile, the one of the other! It’s beautiful to fall in love every day with the same person! It’s our little miracle!

This is us last Sunday, biking in the wild places next to our home. Happy life, happy kids 🙂



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