English thoughts

Another one to the list

Last Friday was the last day as a baby-sitter. Nobody cried and there were no broken hearts. Maybe it was because of the incredible heat that was making everybody irascible and sweaty. We’ve planned for an apéro and we’ve even cooked a tart, me and the kids, but the tart turned out a little raw and the apéro didn’t happen after all. In exchange, I have received a beautiful simple bracelet, engraved C et C et Octavia, to remind me of these intense months; I offered them (with a lot of help from my dear husband) a photo session, programmed for September. Then we kissed and went on with our lives. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Maybe I don’t really realize it yet but I don’t feel any different from last week, when I was still trying to rationalize with the kids. I don’t even monitor the clock for the leaving time, as I was imagining I would. I simply enjoy the luxury of not having to go outside on this excruciating heat. And lots of ice creams. And the swimming pool. And a cold beer now and then.

What I do realize, though, is that I am jobless once again. Not without options and possible opportunities. If I compare it with last year’s experience, now I feel much more confident about it. Mostly because now I am able to express myself in their language! In only one year, people! Whoooha!

Coming back to the kids, I remember my first weeks with them, when I was understanding one word in 50 and they were asking me quite often why I speak weird. It was difficult for all 3 of us, but we’ve managed. They stopped being mean all the time and I started talking with them little by little. We never really managed to have the dream-like relation I was dreaming about, but it was nice. Even short and with discrepancies, we had our moments of laughter and kisses and love. I choose to keep only them because, isn’t it so, life is made of beautiful moments!

I deeply wish that they will grow beautiful and turn into the adults they are destined to be. They have a lot of potential stored in them! Oh and…I’m curious if they will really get married with each other, like they say they will.
I also wish I could see them from time to time and also see pictures of them as they grow. Know their desires later and have an ice cream now and then. I know it’s a tuff one, but I can at least dream about it, no?

Talking about ice cream…. excuse me, but the freezer is calling me. It looks like he has some chocolate goodies hidden in the top drawer. It’s not polite to refuse… 🙂


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