English thoughts

Pointy day

I had needles stuck in my body parts! It sounds spooky, but it was rather interesting to experiment.

The day started early, with a cold shower and a hot chicory, followed by a visit to the train station. I was missing the constant movement, the lines for buying the tickets, people with trollies following them, having my head up to the departures board, the magasine for the road, checking my watch from 5 to 5 minutes and…finally… ta-ga-dam ta-ga-dam ta-ga-dam and fast images and “tickets please!”… 20 minutes of relaxation and reading and watching the hurried landscapes and listening to music – I didn’t even realize when they flew.

Villefranche-de-Lauragais…what a long name for such a small city! Small but charming and appealing. And incredibly hot! Extremely hot! I was feeling my legs connecting with the melting streets and sidewalks. I was dreaming limonades and cold beers and ice creams. Mmmm…ice creams….

But the purpose of the visit was not gastronomical. I was there to talk with a doctor specialized in traditional Chinese medicine. A warm woman, with short dark hair and shiny eyes. It was a magical hour and a half and I left her cabinet smiling and feeling full of purple.

What was interesting though today is here, in the conclusions:

– things are better than we expect, needles including
– help comes when and from where we don’t expect: while buying my train ticket, I did what I usually do and I started to talk with the lady from the guichet. They say elephants are bringing good-luck, what an incredible weather, I am looking for a job in alternance to go with my master, why don’t you apply to SNCF? Wait…what? Why didn’t we think about that already?

So, my dear friends, do talk with strangers. And be kind and smiling. We all need a smile now and then, even if it’s coming from someone you’ve never seen before.


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