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Jack, the seducer

I went out with my bike. Out in the nature around a big medical research institute. So there were bike lanes all over, few cars and fewer people. Just me, my bike, green trees and the sun. 

I was pedalling and listening to music, trying to ignore the fact that I was melting little by little. With no success. My smile was long gone and my energy was almost finished. All I could think of was water, shadow and ice creams. But then I’ve seen mirabelles. Almost ripened, yellow with a little red…I was already drooling. So I’ve stopped. One, two, ten, twenty….they were soooo good! I guess my satisfaction was quite visible, as the only persons who passed by asked me if they are prunes (no idea how you can mistake prunes for mirabelles).

While I was enjoying my little fruits, a dog appeared. I thought at first that he was with the persons who just left, so I was expecting him to sniff a little and then disappear. 10 minutes later he was still there and, as I’ve got back on my bike to leave, he followed me. So I’ve stopped. I checked his collard and his name-tag. There was no name, but 2 phone numbers. I picked one and dialed.

– Hello, I am in this place and there is your dog next to me, following me around. I am guessing he got lost.
– Hello, thank you for calling. Where are you exactly?
– There is no street name, but I see that and that.
– Ah, ok, I see, I will come in 5 minutes. Don’t leave!
– Ok, I will try to retain him. What is his name?
– Jack. Are you a beautiful woman?
– (because it hit me, I tried to ignore it) Yes, he is a male. (in French it sounds more logical)
– Hahaha (it was too obvious), I was asking that because he has a thing for beautiful ladies and he is following them. He has good tastes, Jack.
– Hahaha! See you in 5 minutes!

While I was petting Jack and giving him some water, another bike stopped and the person asked me if I need help. I’ve told him the story and, before finishing my ideas, a car stopped next to us. It was the owner of Jack. The guy with the bike staid on the spot to make sure that everything was ok. I was surprised and delighted of how people don’t simply continue their road ignoring someone who might need help.

In his 60s, big belly, white shirt and white hair, Jack’s owner was accompanied by a friend. We had a small chat for few minutes, mostly about me being in France and my job search and then each of continued on his way. Apparently Jack and the white shirt are living just 100 meters further from the spot where Jack applied his charms on me. Was it a “fishing” method? Not sure, but I’m guessing sometimes it works out for them.

One on top of the other, the dog was quite sweet and with an independent attitude. I left the place smiling and I had even forgotten the heat for a while. After all, funny moments like this are nice and a good reason to celebrate with an ice cream!

And…this is Jack! And me, helmet on! And a tree growing on the wall…

IMG_20150709_173248 IMG_20150709_173222 IMG_20150709_173204 IMG_20150709_165837 IMG_20150709_165808 IMG_20150709_165755


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