English thoughts

He’s one in a million!

He came back from work and he was hungry, as usual. Biking back home has a double effect: it’s working out your muscles and it’s giving you an appetite. Because I knew he will want to have some bites before his shower, I left him the last piece of the bread to go with the saucisson. And there…the weird started…

He took the knife to cut the bites and he dropped it. Once. Twice. Three times. He then dropped the bread, the saucisse, the knife….everything he was touching with the obvious intention of grabbing.

He than took a beer from the fridge. He took the beer opener. He dropped it. He left the opened beer on the working space in the kitchen and checked his mails.

He reached for his beer and this happened: his hand touched the bottle, just with the fingertips. The bottle danced a little on the spot than it fell and the beer inside it started to spread all over the kitchen. Working space, drawers, floor and I am sure I did not see it all yet. What did he do? After looking for a while at the empty bottle with tears in his eyes, he crossed on the other side of the beer lake and found himself trapped there, as the beer was advancing on the floor, dangerously close to the fridge. “I will clean it” he said and went to get the ustensile. One step with the heel into the beer and…..he was lucky I was there to catch him….

I was starting to be affraid for his life. (yes, I am exagerating a little) I took his slippers off and told him to PLEASE STAY AWAY! while I would clean the floor and the kitchen. He didn’t and luckily he kept himself in one peace while cleaning the floor.

After that we ate. Us and the floor from the livingroom… I don’t know why, but I did not feel confident to let him serve the tea after eating. Actually I was in alert every time he was holding something…

We decided to play Catan (as I was in the mood of beating him at the game, considering his luck during the evening) and we set the table, with me carefully watching his moves. The parts of the game remained undamagged this time…

We played 3 matches. He won all 3 of them, even after I had clearly explained that I will win the last one! And no, it was not his strategy, it was pure good luck! I know, as I was there! Did you ever loose 3 games in a raw and then went to bed? No? You should try it, it’s a new experience!

Now I will go clean the dried drops of ricoré off the white furniture in the livingroom. No idea how the ricoré got there…


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