English thoughts

I must have been a special kid

You know how there are people having the amazing power of undergoing really complex discussions and debates…in their heads? Yes, you do? Oh, well, I’m one of them… 

– Hello, I am Octavia and I talk with people….in my head…
– Hi Octavia! Welcome to the ATITH (anonymous talking in the head)

The extra in my case is that I am surprised when you don’t know what we talked about…in my head… Yeap, I know, it even makes me laugh sometimes. I am so into the discussion that I forget to open my mouth and let the words go out!

While having one of the little chats, from subject to subject, I remembered about me, the child.

First, while singing with Spotify, I remembered that I used to be a member of the choir when I was in general school (in Romania that means from the age of 7 to 14). I also remembered how my music teacher was trying to convince me to get more involved, as I had a great voice she said… I didn’t.

After that, I remembered how someone was trying to convince my parents to send me to gymnastics, as I was quite flexible. I’ve lost almost all of it in 10 years of working in front of a keyboard and 2 screens.
In the same time, my teacher from 1st grade was telling my parents that it would be a pitty to send me to gymnastics, as I was really good in school. She won, as I’ve staid in school and continued my A’s flow.

So…at the end of my thoughts, I had a clear conclusion: I could have been so many things! A singer, a gymnast, why not a dancer… Don’t get me wrong, I had no regrets in my conclusion. It was a sort of revelation. And then a question followed: who says I can’t still be so many things? Well, nobody but myself! So now I’m searching for the ‘shut up!’ button…

Oh, and, while I was contemplating the limitless possibilities that lie in front of me, I remembered this: I’m going on a trip for my birthday! Me and a sexy masculin model from Elle! So don’t look for me at home for the 2 festive days, as it will be reaaaaalllyy quiet (I hope). Me so happy! Me so excited about the destination! Me so impatient!!!!

9 more days left….

P.S.: I have no idea how Elle’s models look these days….just saying…


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