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There are only 7 left

Since a little more than 2 years, 7 is my lucky number. Actually it has always been as I was born on the 7th day of the month, but I only started to see it like a lucky number recently. Special events, things coming in pairs of 7 and so on and so on, until I had a feeling associated with this number. A positive one, of course.

7 days from today is my birthday. The 33rd one. Also a special one, as I will celebrate it with the most important person in my life these days. Just the two of us amongsth strangers, as I’ve got a really great present for this birthday: 3 days in Marrakech! Lots of olives and tagine and henna tatoos and mint tea and tones of spices and infinite colors… All together with a lot of noise and 30 degrees in the shaddow and thousands of small streets leading to another small streets…

So, only 7 days left for me to be 32 years old.

I asked myself how I feel about it and it’s a bit odd…confusing…. I don’t seem to manage keeping up with the number of candles on my cake and 33 is starting to feel like a big number. If I were to compare it to last year, I do feel more closer to my body’s age, but not quite there. Actually, I don’t feel like I have a specific age. I just feel younger than I really am. And (being a lucky one) I also look younger. So…it’s a bit normal that I need a moment to answer every time someone dares to ask my age. And every time they need a moment to believe me. So we end up smiling at eachother – me because I’m proud and the other person because he/she is jealous.

Things do change, though, even if we don’t keep up with the changes. I have grey hair showing up on the sides, my skin is less elastic, my tastes in almost everything are different, I don’t lose time anymore with people who don’t appreciate it, I eat healthier, I can drink 2 glasses of wine without falling asleep, I read a lot, I meditate, I excercise a lot with pleasure and I can describe myself in an accurate way. In other words, I know myself better and I respect myself more.

33…at least is an easy number to remember 🙂

Of course I was imagining myself in a different picture by now but I am learning to enjoy and make the best of where I am and how I am. I worked awfully hard to get here so I might as well appreciate it! Appreciate myself! I am the first to know it was not a pink ride! But I’ve made it here and it’s simply an amazing view! Sipping from the cocktail while learning how to make a stronger one…

So, my dear friends, I’m getting wiser and this year we’ll not be together for the toasts. But you can still wish me whatever you have to wish me! Nope, not on Facebook (I’m more personal than that!), but in a letter. An old fashion, hand written-post mailed-letter. Which I will find in my letter box when I’ll get back from the mini-honeymoon we never had. You can add whatever you might feel like in the envelope, next to the pages full of your words. A book sign, a special little bracelet, a picture of you, a magnet to make me smile, a mash of your hair (especially for Calin)…anything that would bring you closer to me even for a moment every time I look at it. I have a special box for these little talismans and I cherish it a lot. For your letters I have the surface of the fridge, as it is one of the most used object in the house (therefore with the most visibility).

So write to me and send me little pieces of who you are. It doesn’t matter we don’t know eachother, I love meeting new people (just leave a message to this article asking for the address). And put your address on the envelope, so I can reply to you. Write me stories you’ve lived or things you’re struggling with now or things you are passionate about. Help me get to know you a little more.

Yeap, only 7 days left 🙂 Another change is that I’m not counting the days as I used to. I almost forget sometimes that we’re in September already… Because I’m learning to celebrate every day, not only my birthday. So it feels like I am born each day…except for the cakes and the candles and the champagne and the presents and the funny hats… No, not the presents. Isn’t being alive, healthy, loved by so many special people and being able to do anything I put my mind to…already a present?

As my dear friend, Csilla, often tells me: In the end, everything’s gonna be ok. If it’s not ok, it’s not the end. 🙂


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