English thoughts

When you’re open…

…things happen to you…persons happen…happiness happens…

This week has been a gift for me and to me. On Wednesday I had decided to spend my day outside: writing in my journal, drawing the city, taking pictures, having an ice cream or a coffee or both, reading and watching the people… I made a stop at the bibliotheque and filled my backpack with books. It was starting nice…but heavy 🙂

I cut the traject short and stopped on the first bench that was offering me a spot in the shaddow. It happened to be exactly in front of the door of the Tourism office in the city center. Excellent position, allowing me to see all kind of people going all over; some of them tourists, some of them locals, some of them expats, some of them young… I sat next to an elder man with a blue shirt and a blue shopping bag. He was simply sitting there, watching the show of the city. We haven’t exchange any words, simply shared the silence.

I had an yogurt, wrote few pages, had a banana and started drawing the entrance of the building. It must have been about 2 hours that I was sitting there, under the tree, next to the blue shirt. After debating some ideas with the persons at his right, he left. Minutes later a girl came out of the tourism office and sat next to me. She was alone, holding a city map in her hands and looking like a regular tourist just arrived in the city: lost!

Something inside me was telling me that she could need some help so, without giving it a second thought, I turned towards her and asked: vous avez besoin d’aide? She smiled and told me that she doesn’t speak French. So I repeated the question in English: can I help you?

She is a 26 years old sweet Colombian woman (I was hesitating between girl, lady and woman and realized that I have a dilemma: when do we stop being girls and we start being women? But this is another article…), called Sonia, who came in Toulouse to visit a friend. She had just arrived since few hours and had 1 week to enjoy the city. She would have done it alone and without speaking French. So, you see, she really needed some help! 🙂

I could not tell you why or how, but we simply could not stop talking (like you normally do with strangers after giving them some directions for the city). About half an hour later we decided that we will visit Carcassonne on Friday and exchanged contact details. 5 minutes later we decided to spend the afternoon together.

Philosophical debates about life and human relationships, funny pictures in the city, sharing personal experiences, interacting with people on the street… This stranger from Colombia was getting closer and closer to my heart. Talking with her was easy and delightful. Her smile was competing the sun by its warmth and honesty. I was feeling revived! And grateful…

She is now living in Germany for 2 years, for her master in renewable energies. In this description there are some of my passions mixed together: German language (which we practiced a little), master’s studies (which I will also start soon) and renewable energies (as I am doing my best to limit wastes). It was like the more we talked and discovered each other, the more I was falling in love.

It felt simply natural to have lunch together the next day. My place, cooking pasta while enjoying a glass of wine and a great conversation! Again we ended the afternoon together, enjoying every second we were sharing.

The afternoon had been delightful! The day in Carcassonne had been even more beautiful! The train trip, the pictures in the new city, the church, the lunch on the walls of the castle, the Russian music, the coffee with the pancakes, the way back by car on the old roads, the little golden heart she gave me when we said good-bye…

I left a piece of me with her and took in exchange a piece of her. I fell in love and I am happy I did.

Who would have thought that a question can take you into the experience of love? Not a passionate, carnal, fiery love; but a spiritual, simple, heart-to-heart love.

My dears, please be open! Let people come into your lives and souls! It’s worth it every single moment!

My darling Sonia, I am so happy to have met you, that I can’t really put it in words. I am impatient to get to know you better and to share even more ideas, experiences, glasses of wine and laughters with you! I miss you already but I know we are going to meet again soon! You are simply magical! 🙂

This song is for you:


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