English thoughts

Surprise of the day!

Imagine you are coming back from work. Not too cold outside, not too dark neither. You are almost tired but hanging on. And the best part: you share the traject with a colleague that you like and that you’ve met before becoming colleagues.

So you’re relaxed, chatting girls’ stuff. You enjoy the “potatoe transportation” while in the bus, then you head for a sauna session in the metro. You validate your trip and you hop on to the mobile stairs. You first, your friend right behind you and you talk. So you need to turn towards your friend in order to hear her. You turn once, than you check the distance left to the end of the stairs. You turn again towards your friend and you talk a little more. During all this time there is a man upper on the stairs. Just two steps upper. It happens that while you were turned for the 2nd time back into the conversation, he felt the need to check something in his big bag resting on the stairs. So he bends…in the same moment as you turn back to check the distance left… The reuslt: your nose and lips get reaaaallly close to the man’s revealed hairy crack situated between his 2 back cheeks. Suddenly your appetite goes down the stairs. While your friend is laughing on mute and with tears. She had seen all the scene with intense anticipation…

I was the friend 🙂


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