English thoughts

Today I feel lucky !

But let me tell you about yesterday 🙂

Like almost every single day since few months, I came back home from work on my bike. My dear husband came back home running (preparing for the marathon). Somehow our paths crossed and he slipped into the hoot of my jacket the remote control of the entrance into our residence. Then we continued our ways back home.

2 minutes before arriving, I’ve reached for the remote control. Once I’ve got it into my left hand I remembered that there might be cars crossing the road. So I’ve hit the breaks. A little stronger than needed. Soooo I’ve lost control over my bike….without my left hand to help me grab some equilibrium. Following the gravity laws, my fingers from the left hand started falling and my body followed them. So did my handsome bike.

The result of this mixture? One left leg partially functional and some bumps and blues. Nothing serious enough to send me to the doctor.

But today I woke up with an almost usable left leg. Not enough though so I could walk without support. Luckily I had my walking stick to help me. 🙂
Hop tzop hop…I made it to class…and to the coffee machine….and to the toilet…and to the kitchen for the lunch break…and little by little I was managing without the stick…and it was almost not hurting anymore… Not really walking, but not hurting anymore neither.

So I’ve rewarded myself with the company of a sweet lady, a cup of tea and a piece of cake. As usual, the conversation was delightful ! And so was the cake 😉

All tea drunk and the last piece of cake gone, it was time to hop tzop hop back home. I decided to cut short the number of steps by taking the bus. Barely had I put my 2 feet into the bus and I felt my right pocket moving. So I turned my head just in time to see a stranger holding my phone with only 2 fingers, really careful not to bother me. We were both surprised of the moment, so we kind of lack reactions. I said HEI !! and he gave me back the phone before getting out of the bus.

At home there was my delicious sporty husband preparing a soup. What more could I ask for before declaring myself lucky? Oh and….I’ve got a massage to my left now better leg 🙂





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