English thoughts

I’m dangerous

One week ago I fell with my bike and turned both my legs into blue walking things. Actually the right one, since the left one is still recovering. And still hurting…

2 days ago, while turning from left to right and back to left, I hit my foot into the chair. And then into the corner of the couch.

This evening I trapped my little finger between 2 big glass bowls. 3 hours later it is still pulsing… In the meantime I have no idea how I’ve managed to scratch my other little finger with a free nail….

I’m starting to be afraid of my own company. Who knows what I’ll do next…totally by accident…

One thing is sure: the marathon from this Sunday is not an option for me anymore. Only 3 more days left and I still don’t manage to walk properly. Running is another level…

Anyone working @Capgemini Toulouse interested in replacing me for the marathon?


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