English thoughts

In my head…In your head…

More and more often I get to this conclusion: the person in front of me, to which I am talking right now, is not listening to me. Suddenly I lose the desire of sharing thoughts and soon after the desire of listening. 

Therefore I talk less lately.

There are different levels of “not listening”, from what I’ve noticed:

– partly listening, ’cause busy answering to you in my head, or doing shopping lists…or singing…even sleeping

– not listening because the subject is not interesting for the auditor (in which case I prefer sharing it, to avoid any waste of time or energy)

– not listening because the person cannot be quiet for a minute; he/she simply doesn’t know how…

– not listening because the person doesn’t know anymore how to do one thing @ the time. And this is like an epidemy!

Internet connected all the time, everywhere.

Written communication all the time, not having to deal with the person’s reactions anymore. No attention is needed either on the spot.

Being bombed with information. From all over. ALL. THE. TIME.

I miss it…

A good old conversation when people really listen and when they don’t leave in the middle of your idea because they want to do the thing they were thinking of while you where talking to them. It’s like when you talk to a wall… You get the same amount of attention.

Not even phone conversations are not what they used to be. How many of you stop from doing whatever you’re doing just to be able to give your full attention to the person at the other end of the line? Simply sit on the couch and laugh with your old friend… Sounds difficult for some. Even pointless for others. But it’s totally worthing it!

Next time when you talk and  listen, just pay attention… Are you really being listened to? Are you really listening?

Sweet & quiet dreams 🙂


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