English thoughts

My English teacher

Lynn, my color English teacher, came in France with her 5 kids few years ago. Her husband is working in the US in the medical field, so she is in charge of making sure her kids grow up nicely in Toulouse.

Apart from bringing us interesting debate subjects, sometimes she delights us with personal stories. Last one was “so not 2017 in France” kind of story…

One of her boys just turned 18 so they went to the prefecture for administrative reasons. While there, one lady working for the prefecture, gave her an advice: making sure that her boy has all his papers with him all the time, passport included. Lynn, in a blanc moment, not understanding the suggestion, started explaining to the lady that he has his ID and that “hell no, he’s not gonna wear his American passport with him, risking to loose it; do you imagine the headache to get a new one?” So the lady added another clue: you know…he might get controlled…
It’s the moment when Lynn got it. He is a black boy-soon-to-be-man and this is a “normal” part of his life from now on, no matter where he lives…

The saddest part is that her son got the idea even earlier, as he told her that this is how things are; an Arab friend of him also got controlled…

The only thing she could told him was “you never never never run; let them pick you up and they’ll have to deal with me afterwards!”

Can you imagine the pain of this mom? Multiply it by 5.


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