English thoughts


Let’s play a game. Close your mind’s eyes (as you need the other eyes in order to keep reading) and imagine this: you, having SUPER powers! Like….seing the future…

You would be able to know when, how and with who you will fall in love….which job you will have…happy moments…sad moments… You will also know exactly when and how your parents will die….if you will divorce…if you will loose your job… Would you still like this power? Would you do anything to change your life (the bad parts, of course)? What if by changing the bad parts you also change the good ones? Tuff one, isn’t it?

And now imagine that sometimes you do feel the future. It is called intuition. But you know what? You need to really listen to yourself in order to hear this small sound of the voice inside you. Maybe through meditation…or sports…or simply staying true to yourself… Guess what: we all have this power inside us. We’ve just forgotten it’s existence. Let’s go dig it up!

There are many other powers that we, humans have by nature. It is what makes us super beings. 🙂 Mind reading (or empathy and attentive listening), mind mastering (or leading by example, caring about more than our own person) and the list goes on… It takes a mirror facing ourselves, a deep breath and a long jump into the deep corners of US, the humanity.

No matter the power, it comes with responsibility. Always.

And you, what is your super power?


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